story: two days with my sisters.

In an effort to remember the details, I will be documenting certain stories here on my blog to revisit later when I want to scrapbook them.  You can read more about that here.
This is the story of a weekend with my sisters.

Over Labor Day weekend, the stars aligned and something magical happened.  My two sisters and I, under one roof, getting along AND laughing…my Grandma would be so proud.  Of course, there was some bickering and arguing before they arrived at my home for a sleepover on Friday.  There always has to be some arguing in every family happening, doesn’t there?  But at the end of the day, I still texted my sister Jen saying “You are always welcome at my house.”  And at the end of the day, Kristy and Jen still arrived at my apartment, ready for some quality time together.  It seems like magic that we were all together at once because just a few years ago, Kristy lived in Texas, and therefore, wasn’t around for lots of the memories made.  Also because Jen has a tough work schedule, in which she works every weekend.  But, like I said, the stars aligned, and we were all together under one roof.

This weekend, I laughed so hard, harder than I remember laughing in a long time.  (I’ve been doing more of that lately, and I love it).  It was that uncontrollable, can’t-talk-or-even-breathe-because-you-are-laughing-so-hard type of laugh.  It was amazing.  On Friday, we hung out at home, eating frozen pizzas, and watching home videos of my Grandma.  Or me, rather, because that’s what it turned into.  And Kristy and Jen quickly got bored of watching home videos of me during my ROTC days (I have no idea WHY that would bore them! 🙂  Jen spent lots of time around Cocoa and Cocoa would not let Jen out of her sight.  (I really don’t remember the last time Cocoa had seen Jen (due to her work schedule), but it had been a long time).  We scrapbooked while Kristy did some beadwork, then made a late night trip to Michael’s before they closed.  The weather outside was beautiful.  At Michael’s, we wandered around, laughing uncontrollably about this or that.  People probably thought we were crazy!  Kristy held up a skeleton.  I can’t even remember at this point what even prompted her to hold this up, but Jen and I laughed just the same.  It didn’t matter what she said.  In the end, we purchased some beads, a new *Smash book for Jen, and (finally) an on-the-go adhesive for me.  Then back to scrapbooking.  I stayed up the latest I have in a long time: 12:00 AM.

The next morning, Saturday, we hung around the house, baked strawberry cupcakes in honor of Jen’s belated birthday, and talked.  There was slight tension that morning, but nothing serious.  I’m coming to realize with my family that we bring out the best in each other when we spend shorter spans of time together.  We get along for so long, and then have to go our separate ways.  After hanging around the apartment for a while, finishing the cupcakes, and realizing we weren’t going to make the trip to the post office we planned, which closed at 2 PM, we went to Target for gummy bears and deodorant.  Not making the post office put us on less of a time constraint, more freedom means less tension.  WIN!  We wandered around crowded Target for a while, first stopping at the Dollar Spot (always the first stop in Target), then wandering around looking at various things.  My absolute favorite time is spent when I have nowhere to be and nothing to do.

After Target, we stopped at our local Goodwill.  Going thrifting is mutually one of our favorite things to do.  I said I wanted to look for a purse, and I found one, but didn’t end up buying it.  Really?  Who needs a reason to go thrifting, anyways?  I thought of my Grandma while we were at Goodwill.  When we were young, her and my Grandpa would pack us in the car, and we’d drive (sometimes over an hour) to go to a Unique Thrift Store or Salvation Army.  (Goodwill wasn’t a thing back then).  She’d show us what to look for on clothes (what color tags meant half off or more, what spots to look for stains or rips on clothes, and to find a corner and try on clothes (the Unique and Salvation Army stores didn’t have dressing rooms)).  We have thrifted all our lives and are 100% not ashamed to admit this.

While at Goodwill, we parted ways and looked at what we wanted, but kept calling each other over to look at our findings.  “This is good for you.”  “Jenny would like this.”  We can spend hours in Goodwill looking at everything, and, sure enough, we were in Goodwill approximately three hours or so.  There were racks of Halloween stuff, which meant Jen made us laugh uncontrollably by trying on silly hats.  A turkey and the snowman from Frozen.  We literally could not stop laughing.  Somehow we ended up near the sweater racks and then it got serious.  My Grandma taught us to shop before and after seasons because that’s when you find the best deals and things.  It was 85 degrees outside and we were looking at sweaters.  Needless to say, there was no one around us, and we got the pick of the best sweaters.  We each found a few sweaters that were in great condition and were name brand.  Score!  We each walked out of the Goodwill with a few things, which makes for a happy day.  By this time, Alex was awake and wondering where we were…

We went home for sandwiches and hot tea.  Slowly since Friday, I was developing a sore throat and sniffles.  By the time we went home, I was blowing my nose uncontrollably.  We hung around the house, now with Alex, and watched Grown Ups and Grown Ups II.  It was nearing the time for Kristy and Jen to go home, and it made me sad.  (Just like when we had to leave Grandma and Grandpa’s house to go home).  Jen had to work the next day (Sunday) and I was getting sicker by the minute.  Plus, we had had such a great time the last two days, and all got along, and I have learned to savor this time with my family, and move on.  And not push it.  It’s just the way our family works.  So late at night, Kristy and Jen went home, and I took a much needed nap on the couch.

I loved this weekend so much just for those two days together with my sisters.  We don’t get this time often at all and I appreciated each minute.  We all are dealing with our own life hardships, and we all came together, put aside whatever differences or beliefs we had, and laughed until our faces hurt.  This is truly the way family is supposed to go.  This is what I want to eventually teach our own children about family.  That no matter what happens, what bull**it you have going on, or what you belief is right or wrong about a family member’s situation, you still welcome them in to your home, and laugh and cry with them.  This is what family is for.  Until our next adventure!


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