story: our little Murphy

 Age: approximately 10+ years old (actual birth date unknown).
Named after: Murphy’s Law
Nicknames: Murphster Butt, Old Man Murphy, Mischief Murph, Bunicula
Likes (past and current): (lots and lots of) yogurt treats, pizza crust, running down long hallways, breaking into the scrapbook room, pulling up the carpet, antagonizing the dog, chewing on Black Friday ads, bananas, and dirty laundry.
Dislikes: tile or non-carpet flooring, vet visits, being picked up, getting special care, carrots (ha ha yes, I know, a bunny that doesn’t like carrots),  and Timothy hay (although he kind of likes it a bit now, he very much disliked it for lots of years).

Our Murphy.  He is our first furry child (together) and is our oldest baby (although Cocoa might be a close second).  I love this little guy so damn much!  Seeing him growing older has been really tough, but he is such a happy bunny that’s it hard to be upset when you’re around him.  He is the happiest when he is running around, being free, getting in trouble, receiving lots of TLC, and eating treats.

He’s a strong little thing and has survived several serious health issues: getting neutered, a hair impaction, a serious eye infection, and teeth issues. Bunnies are really tender creatures and can literally die from being over-stressed.  Yet he has also been through lots of moves, trips back and forth from Chicago to Sandwich, and lots of vacuum episodes, and has made it through. He helped teach us lots of what we now know about bunnies, and their mannerisms, diet, etc.   My favorite thing to do is pet him with my foot while I’m working at the table.  He loves us unconditionally.

Nearly 8 years of being together with our little Murphy has been AMAZING, but it’s been a tough few weeks. He’s been having lots of teeth issues and his appetite has severely decreased.  While it is so hard to even process what this means for our little Murphy, I have to remind myself how many amazing memories we have with him,  and how many adventures he has been on.  As Alex said, there will never be another bunny like Murphy.  Nor would we want one.


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