this year, I…

(Happy new year!! Meant to post this before new years, but oh well!)

this year I…

 …paid for lots of cuddle time with my favorite bear dog.

…did a lot more yoga than any year past! (YAH!)

…was a date to this hot, rad guy for four weddings.

 …went to a ton of concerts (yah for making up for last year!), including driving to Milwaukee on a Sunday night to see Bishop Briggs.

…danced + sang at the top of my lungs at {probably} my favorite show ever. (also got on hubby’s shoulders during one song!)

…saw Beartooth and Shane from Silverstein/River Oaks twice! BONUS!

…went to the 20 year anniversary tour of 3EB with my sister (one of my FAV memories with my sister ever!) and got to experience them play their self-titled album front to back.
soooo epic!!

…took {what we thought was} a year-long hiatus from IVF procedures, only to find ourselves doing other procedures (that story will be in another post).

…welcomed my new niece and learned to be an aunt for the first time!

…also had lots of cuddle time with my favorite bunny princess.

…became an amateur photographer, with a lovely assistant.

…participated (and was successful in finishing) my first Week in the Life ever!

…learned a lot about “embracing the mess.”

…realized what it was like to be on the other side of a fertility procedure (not being the patient, but being the supporter).


…did more yoga.

…got me some bangs and a new ‘do!

…took lots and lots of lovely, wonderful, magical, sweet, memorable photos.

…gave a beautiful new girl a good home!

…developed a bit of PTSD when our dog Cocoa was attacked by another dog.
…realized just how easy it is for anxiety to get out of control and take over your whole life.
…also realized how hard it can be to get out of that hole and push yourself. 
…remembered (over and over) just how amazing and supportive friends can be.

And finally…

…lived another year that was hard, wonderful, sweet, tragic, and magical with the greatest man in the world.


PS: This post was inspired by Kaelah’s “This Year I…” post, which you can find here.

PPS: Happy new year!

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